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Our Story

Giuliett: The story of the brand

The brand Giuliett was established by 24 years old student and passionate fashion lover. The inspiration was its own love for unusualness breaking the daily moments, personal passion for all untraditional and enthusiasm for beauty. By its products, she decided to bring an art charm to usual days of common people.

“I have always seen the fashion as exciting opportunity to create, combine and innovate. Since I was child, I have been interested in all untraditional, shiny, interesting and beautiful. I never fell through the attraction of fast fashion industry, which is subject to the highest profit values. The fast fashion kills in my eyes all potential. Since the beginning I knew that I want to go in my own direction and I desired to bring to the fashion and clothing something own, something magical and unrepeatable. A long time ago, before the handmade came to our homes, I was following foreign websites, mostly of American makers and I admired the products in which was combined the quality with original design. While wandering the web and foreign design exhibitions, I was disappointed just because of one thing…the prices, which people pay for the quality and which are not available for our people. Due to this, it was my objective to produce the products inspired by the most expensive fashion pieces keeping the premium quality, although for the prices available for more people. I established the brand inspire by Italian name Giulietta. The name that has its origin in old Rome, was created from the word “Jovilius” and means heavenly. Each product brought by the brand Giuliett is simply heavenly. Most of work actions is implemented by hands in small home workrooms over all Slovakia. Each piece is unique! Yet I don’t look for inspiration for my products only from world designers anymore, but I cooperate with a team of clever young designers from all around the world." 

Directly or indirectly, the brand Giuliett currently employs tens of clever people. For the production are used only high-quality materials. All production operations are HANDMADE – a big emphasis is placed on the quality and perfection of each piece! Largely are used high sparkling crystals, which give non-replaceable appearance and uniqueness. The mission of the brand is to bring non-replaceable experience of wearing things from this girl, from Giuliett.


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