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Milano Crystals Sandals Silver

CODE: GT450Silver

Regular Price: USD 143.00

Zľavnená cena USD 71.50

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Unique leather crystal sandals are made in Slovakia. Italian leather and high-quality glass crystals were used to make those sandals. Crystals are made of a brushed glass with a color polar light effect which we guaranty you is a real eye-catcher! Each crystal is seated and glued in a gold-plated ring which is manually sued over each strap of the sandals. The inside part of the strap is made of gentle suede, which in combination with leather sole guarantees maximum comfort for your feet. A platform is on the very top connected with fine leather layer embroidered by straight stitches and decorated with Giuliett logo. Buying this model, you buy the unique item which simply will not be left without attention.

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