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Giuliett Vittoria Czech Crystal AB


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Unique, unprecedented, and simply irredeemable are our new HANDMADE earrings from the collection Giuliett Czech Crystal. Those earrings will, without a doubt, attract everyone’s attention and become the dominant element of every outfit. Earrings are irresistibly shiny, have a perfect light reflection due to exclusive brushing technique of each Czech crystal used. Unique Czech crystals are the worldwide symbol of shine and quality. Crystal refracts the ray, splits the color and bends it out into a dispersed color band. This differs Czech crystals from all the other which just reflect the light. Crystals are applied manually stone by stone by use of tweezers. More than 510 Czech crystals were used for the earrings production! Supplied in original gift box Giuliett.

Length: 10,4 cm
Width: 3,3 cm
Weight per earring: 10 g

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