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Giuliett display box

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Giuliett luxury display box contains 8 premium pair earrings made of Bohemian crystals- Preciosa. Color variation of the earrings is up to your own choice. Please choose by clicking on the particular link below. This luxury box has a solid inner padding carved to fit the earrings with a stabbing mechanism for maximum protection and ideal storage. The box is covered with high-quality imitation leather and has a drawstring in the form of satin ribbon for its perfect finish.

Choose color variations of earrings here:

Bella 1x

VIttoria 1x

Fiorella 1x

Elena 1x

Dona 1x

Paris 1x

Naomi 1x

Paola 1x

! it is not possible to create other combinations of earrings in the box (such as 2x elena, 3x Dona, 2x Bella, 1x Paris)


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